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Weight loss success story – how being a geek helped me :)

My weight loss success story – how being a geek helped me lose weight :)

I had tried losing weight many times before but thinking of losing 60lbs seemed as challenging climbing Mount Everest in one go. So instead I took a different approach.

My solution to climbing my Mount Everest was what we computer scientists call Divide and Conquer algorithm  *Geek Alert*  The Divide and Conquer approach is just basically breaking down the problem into smaller sub-problems until they become easy enough to solve and then once we have solved all the sub-problems we have basically solved the big problem Ta-da!!!!! lol.

Ok, so you might be wondering how any of this crap helped me lose weight. Well, take the chill pill and let me explain: Instead of saying I want to lose 60lbs in a year I would say I want to lose 5lbs in 2 weeks and then work my butt off to accomplish that. Once I had accomplished that I would move to the next sub-problem and so on until finally those 60lbs were gone.

Because every sub-problem was easy enough for me to complete I always felt motivated because I felt I was accomplishing something at each step of the way. I seriously recommend giving this a try to anyone trying to lose weight. It is a LOT less scary and keeps you focused on the goal.

Good luck :)

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