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Weight Loss Success Story – Brit lost 120 pounds (14 photos)

My name is Brit and this is my weight loss success story. I’m 23 years old. Born and Raised in Houston, Tx. I work. I volunteer. I create. I’ve lost 120 pounds since August 2013. I changed my life. No surgery. No pills. No diet.

Weight Loss Success Story - Brit lost 120 pounds

I was 290 pounds when I began last August. I am currently about 170.

I started my journey because I have Bipolar Disorder and wanted to get off of my meds. I knew the only way I could do that and make it long-term was to be honest with myself and correct the things that bothered me the most. My weight bothered me more than anything.

Weight Loss Success Story - Brit lost 120 pounds

I had tried losing weight a few times before, but I could never stick to it. I was a fast food, junk food queen. I would eat out everyday, more than once. So when I started this time, I didn’t restrict myself from anything. I gave myself limits. I started teaching myself moderation and became conscious of what and how much I was eating. I think between August & October I had lost 20 pounds without exercising.

Weight Loss Success Story - Brit lost 120 pounds

My weight stalled in October, so I started walking at the track in November. I used to walk hella slow. I would only do a mile. Then one day I started running..for like five seconds. From one tree to another, catch my breath, repeat. I just kept pushing myself. I exercised on the days that I said I would. No matter how cold it was or if it was raining. I kept it pushing. By the new year I had lost about 60-ish pounds.

Weight Loss Success Story - Brit lost 120 pounds

I’ve never had a specific diet. I tried different things and whatever worked for me, I added it into my life. I realized that having balance is so important. Not just food wise, but life wise. That’s how my weight loss journey led me to my spiritual journey.

Weight Loss Success Story - Brit lost 120 pounds

I started doing intermittent fasting in February, which is really just a fancy way of saying that I only eat when the sun is out majority of the time. I practice yoga from time to time. Running is my cardio of choice. I can now run for about 15 minutes straight.

Weight Loss Success Story - Brit lost 120 pounds

I’m currently stalling again, trying to figure out what I should do. Until I figure that I out all I’m worried about is maintaining and keeping myself healthy and happy.There really isn’t too much else about my journey that’s interesting. If I didn’t mention something that you’re curious about, message me and I’ll answer as best as I can – instagram.com/47Mystics

Weight Loss Success Story - Brit lost 120 pounds

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    sista x

    I don't have a weight lost story, but I have love for anyone who can stand up and fight back over weight and obesity.These are some great encourage stories and I know as a black woman that: stomach, butt, under arms and inner tights are some places we struggle with as black woman. love you all...