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Weight Loss Success Story – Christie lost 75 pounds

To start, I moved to Charlotte, NC about 3 years ago. When I came here I was weighing 262 lbs. At first I did not have any motivation to start my weight loss journey. I was just riding down Mallard Creek Rd and noticed a sign that read Zumba and had a phone number listed. I drove by the sign a weeks t before taking the time to inquire.  This is how I became an active part of Fit 4 Life. I started attending the Zumba classes there on a regular basis. Starting to see some changes, I was inspired by another great person in the F4L family to try out the bootcamp classes there as well. Bootcamp is where continued to see my body change and a little more weight loss.

After bootcamp, I again was advised on how much learning about nutrition would help me on my journey. I was a person that loved to eat cereal (any kind) and M&Ms. I ate very little vegetables and all of the wrong combinations of food. As you can tell, no real substance there. I became a nutrition client and learned more healthy options and a completely new way to eat to not only loose weight but also allow the body to heal with proper nutrients.

I have now been with Fit 4 Life more than a year and have lost 75 pounds.  At 5’4″ tall and much lighter on my feet, I feel better than I ever have before. I am still pushing to continue to lose as there is a goal number I have in mind to reach. To anyone else looking to change their life or lose weight, my advice has been and remains “it will not be easy, but it will be worth it.” There will be times when you don’t see the progress, but don’t give up. Just because you can’t see it immediately doesn’t mean what you are doing is not working. Use that energy to push harder, dig deeper, and go further.

I am very grateful to Fit4Life because being apart changed my life and gave me a family dynamic in a city that I was new in, and allowed me to see life from more healthy prospective. I hope this blesses and helps someone else along the way.

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