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Weight Loss Success Story – Emily lost 40 pounds

Weight Loss Success Story – Emily lost 40 pounds

What a difference 6 months makes.

The top picture was during December 2014 and I was unknowingly unbelievably sick (this was just before my hospital stay) But sometimes it takes something traumatic like getting really sick to realize that you need to change something.

After finding out about my low immunity, I decided to put my health at the forefront – and even though in just this selfie shot you can’t see much – so much has changed for the better! June 2015, 6 months later, All I drink is water now, and in combination with my fitbit motivating me to get moving and tracking my food and learning more about portion sizes I’m SO HAPPY AND HEALTHY. I’m more confident, because I finally feel like my outward appearance reflects how I feel inside. Instead of taking the elevator, I walk those 3 or 4 flights of stairs, park my car a little bit farther to walk a little more. So far I’ve lost around 35 lbs,  I mostly carry weight in my tummy/chest and at 5′3 that’s quite noticeable. I went from 165+lbs to 128 ish, a D cup to a B cup and Size 10/12 to size 2/4 in dresses and pants.

Weight Loss Success Story – Emily lost 40 pounds

So..Here’s what I’ve learned in the past 6 months (And this is individual for me – might not work for everyone, but this is what has made me a happier/healthier Emily!!)

1.Eliminate Stress

I believe wholeheartedly that stress heavily impacts your health. This past year many heavy/stressful events worked themselves out and have been eliminated from my life, and I find that I can focus my energy on more positive past-times. Make sure to take the time for yourself, because if you’re not initially in the right mindset, I find not as much gets accomplished and I’m constantly worrying about something I can’t do anything about at that very moment. My motto for this summer has been”wherever you are, be completely there” and I find that eliminates some stress for me, focusing on the peple and events that I’m with at thtat very moment.

2. Sleep!

You hear it all the time – but do it! I find it better for me mentally and physically to take a 1 hour nap instead of watching some silly Netflix episode I’ve already forgotten about haha. That also goes for making sure to listen to your body – This also goes along with (#4) but our body gives us signals for a reason – if your eyes are getting droopy – hit the hay! and if you’re not tired – do something productive (like for me hw haha)

3. Water Water Water

…and more water. I follow fitbit and it recommends 60 oz a day – and I know that sounds like alot and i had to go to the bathroom a ton at first haha, but it’s what our body needs, and alot of times, you may think you’re hungry – when in fact you just need some water!

4. Types of Foods and Portions

Before this 2015 year, I had no clue what kinds of food I was eating. I was used to being an all-state athlete who could eat whatever and as much as I wanted, without even thinking about what effect it had on my body. Simply writing down your food, or keeping track of what you eat with apps like Myfitnesspal (I use this) really puts things into perspective. I realized I was eating unnecessary amounts of food – which is probably why I felt so sluggish. Being accountable to something as tiny as an app has really changed my lifestyle/eating habits and interaction with food – I wish I had done it sooner.

5. Everything is good for you .. In Moderation

This is something really important I gained from following inspiring healthy tumblrs – you can eat what you want, and its important that way you do that way when it does come time that you allow yourself to have it, you won’t go overboard. It doesn’t take 1 meal or a day’s worth of so called “bad eating” to have a huge effect on you. For me it took years to put on as much weight as I did, so it’s going to take time to slim down and become healthy – I let myself eat that oreo ice cream – a few nights a week!

6. All about YOU!

It truly starts with you if you want to be healthy!! I’ve found tumblr to be a great community for positive motivation for my journey, and use my blog as a sort of inspiration board for what I want for myself and things I love. I never could have imagined being able to wear outfits that I can now. I remember feeling so sad in that dressing room picture on the left, and being so happy in the picture on the right – and it’s because I’ve chosen a healthy LIFESTYLE. See – not diet, not all about losing weight, it’s about making you, all of you, not only your body, but mind and spirit healthy, in order to be happy.

Weight Loss Success Story – Emily lost 40 pounds

Weight Loss Success Story – Emily lost 40 pounds

This is more of a personal entry for myself, but if anyone else can gain anything from my experience, that would make me so happy too!! I’d like to make more friends who have the same outlook as I do – it’s so much easier to accomplish something with a support system!!


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